KURT: DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System

23rd January 2016

The Kurt DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System is designed for fast set-up and carvablity with +/- .001 repeatability.


Quick change for fast setups in under 1 minute.

DoveLock jaws are changed from the top by loosening 3 quick-clamps. Jaws can be removed from the front or side.

Workstop for position repeatability to ±0.001″.

Aluminum jaws are machined not extruded.

Jaws are machinable for part profile or steps.

Jaws can be turned 180° to do 2 different setups.

Master jaw set and jaw kits machined of 6061 aluminum. Steel master jaws and jaw kits are made of 4140 pre hardened steel.


Patent Pending design. Fits all Kurt industry standard 4″, 6″ & 8″ vises and towers. Aluminum Master Jaw Kit (DJ6 Shown) Master jaw set includes: 2 master jaws, 4 cap screws, T-handle hex key. Jaw kits include: 2 jaws