CIS have an exciting NEW product to bring to the UK & Ireland – Unique in its offering to the CNC industry – Will-Fill

15th February 2019

We are very excited to partner with Will-Fill on this unique and patented NEW innovation in Automated Metalworking Fluid Control and Data Management


Will-Fill is a patented and innovative solution that equips metalworking machines with a unique add-on. Will-Fill monitors and reports on the metalworking fluid as it fills and refills. Will-Fill relieves the workload of the operator and reduces the ecological footprint of your production. Measures and records key Coolant data parameters to the cloud and alerts when safety limits are approached or breached.  Operating costs are reduced and the effectiveness of your investments are increased.    See

Will-Fill Brochure PDF – Download



See Will-Fill in action at the following events in 2019


  • Machine Tool Open Houses

  • CIS Technology Days

  • Manufacturer Innovation Days


Or Permanently available installations at CNC Centres



  • SECO Innovation Centre


Contact our Will-Fill Specialist today for more information:


Shawn Reader