MWF Coolant Care Companion – CIS have developed a phone based app for machine shop side data.

18th December 2019

CCC – Coolant Care Companion

FREE Machine Shop Data App Ver 1.0

MWF Coolant Care Companion App – CIS have developed a cloud-based app, compatible with the Apple IOS and Android mobile phone operating systems and devices, produced by our CIS in house data development team. Designed to be the machine shop companion for supporting all MWF data requirements in the machine shop for the operator/supervisor.  The software is Health and safety Compliant, maintains complete audit trail and controls around measuring condition parameters of Metal Working Fluids.  All SDS and TDS are an accessible and efficient recording of data capture and recall to the shop floor is made possible by this companion app to the main software package CCS – Coolant Care Solutions.

The software is Coolant Manufacturer Independent and is FREE to the customer, it takes literally five minutes to set up a working installation mapped to your companies machines, products, departments, users and controls ….. “very easy to use was our design goal from the outset!”

Contact our CCC team for a free demonstration and installation, either remotely or we will visit you onsite…