Rhenus Lub the market leader in amine and boric acid free metalworking fluids and high performance greases have announced CIS Ltd (Carillon Industrial Services) as their UK partner to distribute the full product range of Rhenus Lub.

Rhenus lub is a family owned company with its manufacturing headquarters in Monchengladbach, Germany and has been producing quality metalworking fluids and high performance greases since 1882.

Rhenus lub’s modern state of the art products are adding value all over the world in all industry sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, bearings, Mechanical engineering, Construction, Mining, Food products, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture.

CIS Ltd promote Rhenus Lub products including metalworking fluids, which are approved by Rolls Royce and Airbus. These products through intensive research and development, which is ongoing at Rhenus Lub, help to reduce process costs whilst paying close attention to the health and safety of the operator and the environment.

Official website: www.rhenuslub.com

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