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Will-Fill equips metalworking machines with a unique add-on that relieves operator workload and reduces the ecological footprint of production. The fully automatic control unit monitors coolant quality. The optimum fluid level is maintained by automated filling processes linked to electronic measurements set according to each specific need. When the quality of the metalworking fluid changes, Will-Fill can adjust it or send a notification when action is needed.


At many precision mechanical workshops, the emphasis is on the production process, which means that checking the emulsion is given a lower priority. And it is precisely here where things go wrong. Unmanned production becomes impossible because the emulsion level drops over time. Tools do not achieve their maximum useful life due to wrong concentrations. Product deviations occur after excessively large refills with cold emulsion. After a weekend dormant, the emulsion gives off unpleasant odours…
Will-Fill was developed in a small machine shop with good insights into the field of automation and task registration. This made the lack of a reliable emulsion control device very clear. Thus Will-Fill was primarily created out of necessity.

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