PPC – Productivity Proving Centre

(R&D and Training Centre)

From 2D/3D part drawing, we are able to CAD/CAM, fixture, adopt best machining strategy and manufacture the customers part before qualifying to exacting measurement standards, using our extensive Research & Development facilities and capabilities in house.

Unique Capability

  • CIS Sales Engineers have direct access to practical tooling and training centre, our own Research & Development facility.
  • CIS have the ability to practically demonstrate and prove CNC Machine shop products for sale.
  • CIS provide Application Engineering Services as a Solution Provider to our customer base from our R & D facility here at the Productivity Proving Centre – PPC.


If you have a part you would like to R&D a prototype, assistance with design, fixturing,  machining & measuring.  If you want support with CAD/CAM or Programming services.  If you would like to manufacture faster and more efficiently  – then we are here to help and improve Productivity and Research solutions.

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We have expert skill and experience in these sectors.


CIS have helped on a number of programmes to increase cutting speed and /or tool life with a view to improving component through put, in one case this helped Top Turn improve component production by 38% with a new strategy and improved tooling.

The service is fast, effective and friendly, it’s a minor investment that can streamline programmes and machining techniques on components ensuring we get the best from our machinery.

Top Turn Ltd, Jason
Top Turn Ltd

Ilmor Engineering manufacturing manager Nick Phillips comments that “it is important that we use the most modern metalworking fluid technology available in conjunction with environmental aware products that are safe and pleasant for our employees to use , this we have with the Rhenus products and have regular service visits from CIS Engineers who measure ,record and monitor our metalworking fluid condition to ensure it is always at its highest optimum condition.”

Ilmor Engineering, Nick Phillips
Ilmor Engineering, Nick Phillips