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We enable companies around the world to manufacture their products. A team with the courage to change, we shape the future of the industry. Our milling cutters set new standards in even the most demanding industries.

We are Hofmann & Vratny.



Hofmann & Vratny Product lines

SC milling cutters
Always the right quality.

Our milling cutters are as diverse as their application. Price-sensitive, high-quality or specialised for extreme applications, Our 2-line product range provides the perfect high-precision tool for all areas of application and customer groups.

Hofmann & Vratny Basic

Solid high-quality milling cutters for price-sensitive applications.

Hofmann & Vratny Expert

High-performance milling cutters for specially customised applications.

Hofmann & Vratny who we are

The people behind H&V.
Who we are.

As a strong team, we rely on the skills and expertise of each and every one of us. We are there for each other, working together towards our goal of growing further every day.

What sets us apart as a team is openness and the passion to innovate. Every one of us contributes their own ideas every day, helping to shape our teamwork. This makes us all proud of our performance as a team.


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