Successful for 3 generations.
A strong family.

»For us, family business goes beyond the degree of relationship!« Josef Storf, Klaus Michael Arnold, Jacqueline Arnold, Simon Storf
We are influenced by the typical Swabian tAlent for inventiveness.

For 3 generations, we have developed tool systems known for their outstanding quality, long tool life and process reliability. First and foremost to serve your needs. We are influenced by the typical Swabian talent for inventiveness. We are proud to help our customers secure an extra competitive edge through clever new products and advancements. And we will continue along this path in the future. That’s why you’ll find we have structures that always stay flexible, quick and dynamic. That is what allows us to talk less and do more instead.

Our intention is and was not to be the biggest. Our prime focus is not on quarterly figures but on optimum quality and long-term success. Traditionally we have always filled niches and market gaps with our innovations so that our customers have the best all-round solutions in their production. We achieve this by promoting talented employees, hiring people according to their qualifications, listening to each other and working as a team.

Of course there are arguments and even failures – but in the end the mark of a strong family is to rise up again and pull together. That has been our recipe for success since 1941.

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