Inventory management plays a vital role in operating a successful business within the manufacturing industry. Uncontrolled tooling inventory piles up easily, rapidly reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden capital.

On top of this, employees can spend countless hours each year searching for specific tools instead of performing more value added work.

CribWise can be the difference between success and failure with a range of features and a modern, intelligent system, giving you complete control over tooling related inventory and purchasing processes.

Key Features

Image caption  Flexible Solution Setup

Utilize CribWise on your existing inventory storage or combine CribWise with various types of vending cabinets. Choose between a fleet of different solutions, all configurable based on your needs.

Image captionAutomated Purchase & Service Orders

Minimize administrative tasks and let CribWise take care of your purchase & service management. Generate and automate purchase orders with no human interaction and make sure you never run low on stock.

Image captionSpare Part Management

Identify the parts you’ll need to have on hand to keep your machines running. Access related items such as spare parts via the built-in catalog connection to several leading cutting tool manufacturers.

Image captionWork Order Management

Access tool consumption per work order or attach certain tools to use based on a unique work order. Make sure your operators allocate the right tools for the specific job to be carried out.

Image captionAutomated Dispense Management

Controlled storage and dispensing of tools is the basis for gaining tool consumption transparency and managing direct tooling costs. CribWise provides optimized utilization by automatically dispensing reconditioned and used items before prioritizing brand new ones.

Image captionManufacturer Catalog Services

Use CribWise built-in catalog connections and empower your team with easy and fast access to inventory related data and information from several leading cutting tool manufacturers.

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