GROB – In Pole position for 5-axis universal machining centres

From system business to a universal machining centre.

With its universal machines, GROB has introduced a series of universal machining centers which proves the technological know-how and developing competence of the GROB engineers in this market segment, which is relatively new to the company. 


The universal machining centers G350, G550 and G750 successfully complement the G-series and open up an even larger application range for the existing G-modules. As all modules from the G-series, they originate from the same modular construction system, are characterized by their compact design and enable excellent visibility and best accessibility to the work areas.

The GROB universal machining centers are used in a wide range of different industries. From machining complex and high precision mould and prototype parts with compound angled surfaces and holes, aircraft and medical parts with partly 5-axis simultaneous machining and in the optoelectronics industry, through to the pure contract manufacturers, who want to be equipped for any tasks. All of these are customers wanting to produce plastic to stainless steel workpieces or only in small to medium-sized series production using milling technology. Even fiber composite material machining such as CFRP and GFRP is possible on the GROB standalone machining center.

GROB universal machining centers are the smallest link in the GROB product family chain from small- to large-scale machining.


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