The KOMET GROUP is a global technology leader in the fields of high-precision drilling, reaming, milling, threading and process monitoring. As an innovative company, we develop, produce and distribute high-quality premium products and individual customer solutions for all stages of production in machining. With our technological expertise, we are shedding light on our customers’ production processes, right down to the smallest detail, and are using tailored solutions to help them achieve greater efficiency.


Innovation is our foundation for a sustainable and profitable business, and is the key to our leading position in the market. We are setting an example with our innovative technologies, while also ensuring the highest level of economic efficiency, top quality and an attractive design. We offer our customers a little “Plus” when it comes to support and services. And this “Plus” comes in the form of TOOLS PLUS IDEAS. For us, the “Plus” stands for added value. It is only when each of us gives more that we can also offer more for our customers.

KOMET’s success relies heavily on our employees’ expertise, skills, commitment and innovative strength. It is only thanks to their ability to innovate and their commitment to continuous further development that we are able to call ourselves a leader when it comes to innovation and technology. This calls for ideas, suggestions and creativity from each individual employee. In doing so, we place great emphasis on a value- and service-oriented corporate culture.


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