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OPEN MIND Technologies AG develops and sells innovative CAD/CAM solutions that generate optimised NC milling and turning programs for machine tools from digital models.

Manufacturers from a broad range of industries around the globe have decided to go with OPEN MIND products because they enable cost-effective and efficient manufacturing. This leads to models, prototypes, tools, moulds, prismatic workpieces, integral components and more, all in impressive quality:

  • Modelling and prototyping
  • Tool and mould manufacturing
  • Production machining
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Energy industry
  • Medical implant manufacturing
  • Jewellery and watch industry.

OPEN MIND is active in all of the important markets, such as Asia, Europe and North America, with international subsidiaries and a global network of sales partners. OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a Mensch und Maschine company.

CAM software for future-oriented NC manufacturing

NC programmers use CAM software to create the control code for CNC machine tools. This ensures that a real component can be generated from a digital CAD model as an exact copy.

2.5D 3D CAM software

CNC manufacturing technologies (Computerised Numerical Control) such as milling, turning and drilling are used to transform a digital model into a machined component. A CNC machine tool created the component from a stock model, cutters, and NC programs.

Important business objectives are to produce components economically, accurately and on time. And new design components have increasing complexity and sophistication. Manufacturing companies need a powerful CAM system (computer-aided manufacturing) in order to be able to meet these requirements. In using CAM software, NC programmers make a key contribution to return on investment for CAM software and the CNC machine tools.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) uses software to control machine tools by analyzing part models, tooling and process choices.

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Reaching the goal with performance

The strengths and advantages of a high-end CAM software application such as hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND become particularly apparent when complex components need to be manufactured. hyperMILL® NC users have access to a broad range of machining strategies, from 2.5D and 3D strategies and HPC solutions through to 5-axis machining and mill turning. Special applications for impellers and blisks, turbine blades, tube machining and tire machining round off the range of services provided by the CAM software. The large number of CAM modules for milling, drilling and mill turning enable high performance manufacturing solutions.

hyperMILL® offers the CAM programmer maximum performance. The hyperMILL® CAM system is user-friendly and easy to learn. Machine tools can therefore be programmed quickly and easily. Innovative milling strategies, in particular, help to further speed up and simplify the NC programming of machine tools. OPEN MIND is one of the leading innovators among CAM providers. With each software release, the company offers innovations and new features that not only simplify programming but also reduce machining times to improve your profitability.

CAM software, tool, controller, machine tool

To achieve the best possible machining results, the CAM software, tools, controller and machine tool must work together perfectly.

Each CAM strategy requires the right tool. The hyperMILL® tool database utilities and interfaces to manufacturers data allow for data management according to material and application. Before the NC code is passed to the tool machine’s controller, the CAM simulation checks possible collision situations. This allows errors to be identified before accessing the machine tool. Improved process reliability and the reduced set-up requirements on the machine are additional reasons for performing a simulation on a PC. A powerful postprocessor that is adapted to the machine tool and controller combination functions as an interface from the CAM software. The models of the various manufacturers offer a wide variety of specific machine functions. The hyperMILL® CAM software provides a unique postprocessor concept for this that has made an excellent name for itself throughout the world. The results of combining the CAM software, postprocessor, CNC controller and machine tool is evident in the finished component.

CAM software that looks ahead

When choosing a particular CAM system, manufacturing companies mainly tend to take their current range of parts into consideration. However, CAM software should also be able to support market trends as well as the users future potential business needs. The sustainability of the CAM system therefore plays an important role. The complete machining of complex components with mill turning centres will therefore continue to gain importance. CAM software must offer the right mill/turn strategies to ensure that all the possibilities and range of functions offered by these machine tools can be fully utilised. Trends also include:

These are all topics and challenges that OPEN MIND successfully addresses on a daily basis with its hyperMILL® CAM software!

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