Since 1980, the Swiss based WinTool AG has been developing and constantly improving an extremely comprehensive, yet easy-to-use CNC data management solution for production resources & tools (PRT Management). Together with many precision manufacturers and solution partners, WinTool has incorporated Best Practices found in home grown systems, continued to champion the lean manufacturing methodology, and reduced the overhead of data processing requirements.

WinTool is proud to be the recognized leader on the cutting edge of modern CNC machining today!



The best performing high-end CNC job shops in the world have found the key to efficiency: At the core of this lies the machine tool library. The engineering tool database is the source for complete transparency, foreseeable production resource allocation, and reliable and efficient machine tool preparation.

The CNC Tools Library is included in the WinTool Base Package and can be extended with interfaces for CAM and Presetting Gauges. WinTool can directly import tool manufacturer Catalogs according to industry standards.

Easy to find | Quick to assemble | Smart CAM workflows


  • Lean planning, programming and machine setups with huge time savings!
  • Elimination of assumptions, gaps, and errors between planners, programmers and operators.
  • Structured, automated and retraceable data flow in production.


  • Most comprehensive, truly parametric tool library with graphics generators and fast tool manufacturer data input.
  • Create detailed tool setup instructions in seconds with current storage location and availability.
  • Open architecture database (SQL Server) with interfaces for ERP, PDM, MES, CAM, DNC, Presetting Gauges, and Storage Systems.

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