Our Productivity Improvement File contains formal documented records of this Product Improvement Metric process;

PIM is a proven, structured process that can take a day or up to two weeks to complete. We work together with you in a four-step process:

  1. Survey: A productivity team identifies bottlenecks and areas of improvement and compiles data, largely by observations and existing documentation. We present the results, and after your approval we continue.
  2. Recommend: After analysis, the team proposes alternative solutions for increased productivity and lower costs in targeted areas. These may include new cutting data, new methods and new tools.
  3. Validate: The team verifies the favoured proposals with your production staff. We provide a comprehensive report as a basis for decision.
  4. Implement: The PIM does not result in an idle report. Together we create a detailed plan on how to proceed, including instructions on who does what and when, what investments are needed, and how the roll-out procedure should proceed. We give the appropriate training and follow up to see that the improvements work as intended.
A way to improve results

The PIM process is carried out with a minimum of disruption to your production. It is a fast, smooth way to review your efficiency and costs and to improve your results.

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