OPEN MIND hyperMILL partners with CIS Productivity Proving Centre

5th December 2017

CIS has 3 fully licensed seats from OPEN MIND hyperMILL CAD/CAM, and we have three fully trained programmers (CIS Engineers), at our customers disposal.

CIS Productivity Proving Centre has partnered with OPEN MIND hyperMILL to offer its customers other 5-Axis CAD/CAM synergies via our solution providing and application enginerring support.  Offering continuity and more usable solutions to our customers using OPENMIND hyperMILL already.  Using the latest 5-Axis cycles and techniques only found in hyperMILL – combined with the tooling from companies like Fraisa with their NEW ARCut X tool technology – where 3d scanning and finishing can be achieved in a fraction of the time whilst causing significantly less stress to material surface and thin wall section machining – this is rapid scanning.

Connecting to even more customers – CIS Productivity Proving Centre