CIS are expanding again …

23rd May 2023

SIX NEW Positions Available

We will be happy to send you our job description for one of these roles;

If you are interested in working for a company that is expanding and ambitious,  please contact us below and attach your CV.

  • As of DEC 2023;
    • Technical Sales Engineer (EAST MIDLANDS) – 1 Position expansion
    • Technical Sales Engineer (SOUTH EAST) – 1 Position
    • Delivery Driver & Vending Support (EAST MIDLANDS) – 1 Position expansion
    • MWF Oils & Lubricants Engineer (SOUTHERN COUNTIES) – 1 Position expansion
    • CNC CAD/CAM Application Engineer (High Wycombe Office) – 1 Position
    • Delivery Driver & Vending Support (Weymouth Office) – 1 Position expansion

For the latest vacancies please visit our career opportunities page.

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