CIS partner with FourJaw.

5th November 2021

A UK supplier of cutting tools, oils and
lubricants has partnered with an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre spin-off to accelerate the adoption of smart factory data-analytics to improve machining productivity.

Bedford-based Carillon Industry Services (CIS), which supplies to precision engineering firms across the UK, is partnering with Sheffield-based FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, whose cloud-based app and clip-and-play MachineLink hardware provides immediate real time access to machine utilisation activity on the shopfloor.

CIS owner and managing director, Bryan Clover, was developing an Industry 4.0, smart factory concept as part of the firm’s CNC analytics offer when he discovered tech start-up FourJaw, which is just celebrating its first birthday following VC investor funding in 2020.

When FourJaw’s founders – Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley – visited the CIS Productivity Proving Centre, they saw an immediate fit with Mr Clover’s smart factory offer to his customers across the aerospace, defence, medical and automotive sectors.

Mr Clover said: “Our mission has always been to add significant value to our customers by equipping them the right cutting tools and oils for the job. The FourJaw platform is a different type of tool that enables manufacturers to eliminate unwanted downtime and maximise productive time. It fits perfectly with our Smart Factory concept.”

FourJaw’s CEO Chris Iveson agreed: “This partnership is a natural fit for FourJaw because Bryan and his team at CIS share our vision of revolutionising manufacturing using simple but transformative technologies to maximise productivity. Everyone has heard of Industry 4.0 and Made Smarter; our partnership turns both those ideas into practical, affordable real time applications. This will enable the precision engineering firms who CIS supply with tools, oils and lubricants to maximise the outputs from their capital investments.”

Mr Clover added: “We decided to install FourJaw in our Productivity Proving Centre, and from
there we were hooked. We immediately saw the benefits that this platform could provide to our customer base, and what’s more we were able to see just how easy it was to install as he onboarded
one of our machines in a matter of minutes.

“The FourJaw team have an exciting roadmap that we believe will transform the manufacturing sector. Given this aligns so well with our own mission, we are excited have the FourJaw platform partnering with us.”

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