CIS New Vending Solution now smaller and more flexible than ever before – but equally capable

15th July 2019

CIS Mini Modulo  (NEW!)

CIS Mini-Modulo Cell based vending, point of use, this system has numerous benefits;

  • Dedicated tool packs to cell/machine
  • Local proximity setup and usage
  • Satellite installations throughout your factory
  • Wireless 4G communication – secure and no connection to company network necessary
  • Flexible and extendable configuration, fully scalable
  • Communicates with other machines across the factory
  • Full software system and reporting – cloud based
  • Graphical product display & product data reference at point of use
  • Secure access control, up to 432 locations
  • Floor space saving – mounted on a work bench/surface
  • Industry 4.0


Mini Modulo Leaflet v01