New from KURT 5-Axis clamping options and Robot gripper systems

24th March 2021

Kurt Offers 3 Great 5-Axis Vises to Streamline Workflow

We take an in-depth look at how Kurt’s new PF-Series 5-axis Vises can improve part handling, save your shop downtime and unnecessary expenses.

The new Precision Force 5-Axis MaxLock™ vise that’s now available is designed to be user friendly while saving you time and expense. The three new models, with three available jaw options, are the latest addition to our 5-axis workholding lineup. These versatile vises are robot ready with new user-friendly features like quick lash adjustment and 52 mm spacing for automation-ready applications using zero-point systems.

3 sizes and jaw options

Kurt’s PF420, PF440 and PF460 vises come with standard 4-inch jaw width and jaw openings ranging from 2.625” to 4.625” to 6.625” making them the perfect vise for any customer’s small-part workholding applications. The compact size also allows parts to be positioned close to the center of rotation on 5-Axis machines. Once mounted in a machine, self-centering jaws move simultaneously to locate your part accurately with excellent repeatability.

PF-series vises replace the previous Kurt HP models and feature our patented AngLock® design to minimize jaw lift and deflection. The proven AngLock® design naturally pushes the vise jaws down and forward allowing much greater surface contact on parts—maximizing holding strength with less clamp force.

Jaws are versatile and easy to change

With three available jaw options, PF-series vises are designed to allow operators to make quick changes with minimal fuss. Just remove two screws from the back of the jaw plate and you can swap to a new jaw. Another quick-change jaw feature allows jaws and nuts to be reversed for ID part clamping.

Take a look at the PF Vises

More user-friendly and versatile, PF-Series Vises offer customers features and benefits to save time and expense and improve parts and workflow by keeping machines up and running longer.

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PF-series vises are user friendly

Kurt PF 5-Axis Vises can be used on any machine but perform best in 5-axis applications where tool clearance and maximum accessibility are most important. PF-series vises feature two thru-body bolt mounts spaced at 3.125” on center. All three vises share the same mounting pattern and are also designed to accommodate four pull studs for zero-point systems. Vises can be mounted directly to many machines or if you need to elevate a part, a Kurt Riser Block can increase bolt-pattern options and offer a higher bed height and better spindle clearance. Pull-stud mounting allows the vises to be integrated into multi-vise automation applications. The Kurt BP8 Adapter Plate is also a great addition for 5-axis machine mounting and additional bolt pattern options.

A Pyramid for 3 Vises

For multi-part setups Kurt sells the Kurt Pyramid 45-degree Mounting Platform. Capable of holding up to three vises, the Kurt Pyramid accommodates 11 different Kurt vises including the PF series. The Pyramid is constructed of 7075 anodized aluminum and has a 12-inch diameter base and fits a wide variety of 5-axis CNC machines with predrilled holes for easy mounting to most machine tables, pallets or a wide variety of sub plates. Watch a video showing the Kurt Pyramid in action below.

Click on the video to see the Kurt Pyramid in action.

Easy Maintenance and Adjustment

More user-friendly PF-series features include hexes on both ends of the vise for easy opening and closing access no matter how the vise is positioned in the machine. New quick lash adjustment makes centerline movement fast and efficient and keeps parts perfectly positioned and vises in the field longer. That helps customers save time and money with less downtime through the usual wear and break-in periods. Operators can remove the lash from the screw in seconds using two adjustment screws located on top of the holding block for easy access. Centerline adjustment only requires loosening four top-located bolts and a tap or two from a dead blow. There is no need to disassemble the entire vise. The end result is a very quick procedure that maximizes machine up-time.

Automation-ready features

Whether using a PF vise in a multi-vise setup, single-vise setup or a swappable, automated multi-pallet setup, we have the automation features you need. New side-locator pull studs allow a robot to lift the vise from two fixed points on the end of each vise. Watch the video below to see how the Kurt RV36 Robotic Gripper with machinable fingers moves a PF420 vise without operator intervention. For zero-point mounting systems, the vises also come with four pull-stud locations on the bottom with 52 mm spacing.

Click on video to see how the Kurt RV36 Robotic Gripper with machinable fingers moves a PF420 vise without operator intervention.

Accuracy improvements

New spring-loaded gibbs and an AngLock® jaw design have been added to this new vise design to improve jaw squareness and minimize jaw lift while keeping parts square in the vise through repeated cycles. The built in gibb system maintains a perpendicular relationship between the jaw face and the inside vise rails for improved repeatability and alignment. These technical improvements are designed to maximize part-positioning repeatability through multiple cycles reducing operator headaches.

In the Box

All Kurt PF-Series Vises include vise jaw set, mounting bolts and handle. Vises can be ordered with machinable, dovetail or serrated jaws. If no jaws are needed, a vise can also be ordered without jaws.


Kurt stands by the quality of our products with the best warranty in the business. Like all Kurt vises, the PF vise series comes with Kurt’s Lifetime Ironclad Warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.

Feature Highlights

  • High clamp Force
  • AngLock® Jaw design minimizes jaw lift
  • Easy center-line adjustment
  • New quick lash adjustment
  • Hexes on both ends of screw can be adjusted from either side
  • 52 mm pattern spacing for mounting to industry standard zero-point systems
  • End-effector ready for automation integration
  • Movable jaw options: Machinable, Dovetail and Serrated
  • Jaws and nuts can be reversed for ID clamping
  • Gibbed jaws improve squareness
  • Maximum torque: 45 foot pounds